What to write in a 16th birthday card

  1. You know why turning sixteen is great? You get all this independence but still no responsibility. Happy birthday!
  2. People at your age want to grow up too fast. My best gift for your 16th birthday is: don't rush. Take your time, enjoy your youth, party like crazy and make responsible decisions. Happy b-day!
  3. Sixteen might only last a year, but the incredible changes that come with it can last an entire lifetime! Live it up on your big day!
  4. Happy birthday! Even if years are going by quickly, and you are already 16, please make sure not to grow up too fast. Enjoy your youth and have fun!
  5. At 16 you start gaining a little bit more of your independence and you have only a few more years until you can go off to college and live the crazy life! For now, enjoy your party and let's celebrate! Happy b-day!
  6. Let's get this party starteeeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hit the dance floor with you and eat that delicious cake I know it's coming! Happy 16th birthday!!!! Enjoy it to the fullest!
  7. Have tons of fun with your friends today! After all, it's your 16th birthday, and you're not getting any younger! Go wild!
  8. Is there anything better than turning 16?! You're young, yet not too young like when you were 14, which means that now people are starting to actually pay attention to what you say. Yet, you are not old enough like 18 years old when you have to take responsibility for your actions! Well, enjoy it while it lasts! Happy 16th b-day!
  9. All eyes are on you today. You are the most special person in the room and today is your day. Enjoy it to the fullest. Happy 16th birthday from all the people who love and cherish you!
  10. Today is so big, even your parents are excited! Excited about not having to drive you around anymore! Happy 16th birthday.
  11. You'll probably get a lot of gifts tonight, but your car insurance company's getting one too - a premium. Happy 16th birthday!
  12. I'm sending 16 hugs and 16 kisses your way for your 16th birthday! Enjoy and celebrate this fantastic day!
  13. Explaining life to a 16-year-old is as practical as bathing a fish, so I'll spare you the sappy advice. Just have fun on your birthday.
  14. I remember when your birthday parties were all about clowns and balloons. Now, it's all about the dance floor, the loud music and the clothes. Happy 16th birthday!
  15. What a big day! We hope that it's sweeter than all that birthday cake you're going to eat later! Happy 16th birthday!
  16. Kiss 'spin the bottle' goodbye and give a warm welcome to dating! And maybe even your driver's license! Doesn't 16 sound great?
  17. You're incredibly special and this party is going to be off the hook! Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you! Happy 16th birthday!
  18. You're 16 years old now and you are starting to understand your role in society and the importance of making wise decisions. We all support you and you can always count on us. Happy 16th birthday!
  19. You know who's more excited than you about your 16th birthday? Your parents. They know it'll only be a few more years before you are out of the house! Happy birthday!
  20. Do you know your 16th birthday really means to your parents? It's the beginning of no more car-pooling! It's a win-win for everybody! Happy birthday!
  21. Not to sound too cool or anything, but I was a 16-year-old too at one point you know. And I was hip! Wait, do you use the word "hip" nowadays? Ah, who am I kidding?! I can't pull that off! Happy 16th birthday!!
  22. Let your 16th year help your break new ground and take you further than you ever could have imagined. Have a great, one-of-a-kind birthday!
  23. Wishing a happy, happy birthday to the most special, original, and memorable sixteen your old I know! Enjoy your day!
  24. Turning 16 brings tons of changes, like realizing you're more mature and smarter than most of the adults you know. That means you have a new job, too - reminding them constantly! Have a great birthday.
  25. There's good news and bad news. The good news is that you're sixteen! The bad news is that thanks to you, the streets aren't safe for the rest of us anymore! Happy birthday!
  26. If your birthday is as special as you, it's going to be simply incredible! Have a happy 16th birthday.
  27. Happy 16th birthday, you party animal! I can only imagine what this birthday party will be like with a daredevil like you!
  28. Use your new freedoms to break out of your comfort zone and show the world what you're made of - and you're made of great things. Have a great 16th birthday!
  29. Isn't it fun to be 16? You might be able to drive, but you don't have to pay for your own car, insurance and gas. Ah, I wish I was still 16! Enjoy while it lasts! Happy birthday!
  30. OMG, TDY's YR B-DAY!!! HPY B-DAY!!!! I have no clue what's written here, but I am pretty sure that all 16-years-old talk like that these days. So, happy birthday!
  31. I thought a lot about what to get you for your 16th birthday. Then I decided to get you this card and express all the love I have for you, and tell you how much more special my life is since I met you! Happy birthday!!!
  32. You're growing up into a wonderful, one-of-a-kind person. Have a blast with your fun new age. Happy 16th birthday!
  33. You have been on this Earth for 16 years now and you have already contributed so much to the world by becoming so special in our lives! Happy birthday and enjoy the party!
  34. Happy birthday! How cool is it to finally be 16??? Enjoy your party and make sure to eat lots and lots of cake! Now let's go to the dance floor!!
  35. Today is your day. Everybody has come together to celebrate you, your life and awesomeness. Happy 16th birthday, hope you'll enjoy all the gifts!
  36. Now that you're 16, you can legally drive! Drive your father crazy asking for the keys... drive your mother up the walls when you're out too late, and of course, drive yourself right into debt trying to pay those gas prices! Welcome to adulthood!
  37. I know you are 16 and that you can't wait to grow up, but try to stay as innocent, sweet and dreamy for as long as you can because you only have a few years to be young, but a whole life to be a responsible adult. Don't waste your best years! Happy birthday!
  38. At 16, tons of amazing things will come your way. It's fine - maybe even cool - to be excited about your future! Enjoy this incredible year!
  39. When you turn 16, you'll realize you can do a lot of things you couldn't before. Like accidentally drive over your own bike in the driveway. Happy birthday!
  40. Don't you just love the feeling of being a year older? People consider you more mature, you can make more decisions for yourself and your party has just gotten a whole lot more interesting than cake and ice-cream! Happy 16th! Enjoy it to the fullest!
  41. Starting today, you'll be what every other driver on the road is worried about. Congratulations on your new privileges, and let's hope that driving instructor taught you well. Happy 16th!
  42. I know that you are getting into that phase were parents and other relatives are not the coolest people in the world for you, but I sure am glad that we have the opportunity to spend this special day together to create memories that we will cherish for a lifetime! Happy 16th birthday!
  43. Turning 16 means: two more years till you are an official adult under the law; it means that in certain countries, you can take your driving license; it means that you can still party and use the sentence "I have to get home by curfew-time!" So from all of us, have fun and enjoy your youth! Happy birthday!
  44. May God bless you and your family on this special occasion. Turning 16 is a huge milestone and we are all very glad that we have the opportunity of sharing it with you. Happy 16th birthday!
  45. Hey, it took you 16 years to look as good as you. Hopefully you'll stay that good looking for another 16! Happy birthday!
  46. The world is yours at 16. You can do or be anything you put your mind to. All you have to do is reach out and grab it. Happy birthday.
  47. Happy 16th birthday!!!! How's your special day treating you?! Whatever you do today, just make sure to have lots of fun and start planning the crazy year that lies in front of you!
  48. Wow, 16 is an important milestone! Not only you are not 15 anymore - which we know it's a big deal! - but you are so close to gaining full independence! Happy 16th!
  49. Older but not wiser! Some of the advice teenagers get don't actually reach them until they're 40. Sound must travel slowly. Happy 16th birthday!
  50. It's hard to believe that you're 16 years old today! May the coming years bring you all the things you've desired and more.
  51. Have fun with your newfound independence. Now, you can drive a car and not just drive your poor parents crazy. Happy 16th birthday!
  52. Happy birthday to the most special, brightest, and most hilarious 16-year-old I have ever known! If there is anybody who deserves the royal treatment at this party it's you! Happy birthday!
  53. All those years you have driven your parents crazy. It's now time for you to finally begin driving a real car! Happy 16th birthday!
  54. I'm issuing you a license to go totally nuts on your 16th birthday! Enjoy this amazing day and celebrate!
  55. Can you believe that you are finally 16 years old?! Now you can have a little bit more freedom and if you beg your parents long enough they might even postpone curfew an hour later! Yay for newly-found freedom! Happy birthday!
  56. It's time to throw out that bad attitude and live up to that new title - sweet sixteen! Enjoy your birthday!
  57. You are growing up so fast! And I am so happy and proud to see how mature and responsible you are, even though you just turned 16. Happy birthday!
  58. I'm proud to call you the bravest 16-year-old I know. Welcome this new year fearlessly like I know you will. Happy birthday.
  59. Happy 16th birthday to the most awesome person I have even known in my whole life! There is nobody like you in the world and I can't wait to start celebrating this special day with you!
  60. Here's hoping that you have the sweetest 16th birthday ever. After all, you only turn 16 once!
  61. Thank you for inviting us to share this special day with you. We hope you have a great time at your party and that you enjoy the gifts we brought you. Now let's go and create fun memories! Happy 16th birthday!
  62. Wait, what's happening to you?! Last time I wrote you a birthday card you were still interested in going to the movies with your parents, watching cartoons and writing letters to Santa! Time goes by so fast! Happy 16th birthday!
  63. Ah, to be young and without responsibilities! Wait a minute, I am preaching to the choir! I forgot, if there is somebody who knows a thing or two about being young and having no resposibilities it's you! Happy 16th birthday!
  64. A birthday party lasts only one day. However, the memories we create at that party last for a lifetime. Happy 16th birthday from all of us!
  65. Wishing you loads of memorable experiences and amazing changes on this special day! Happy 16th birthday!
  66. In some countries, you'd be considered an adult. I doubt you'll have any trouble paying for your car, your insurance, and your gas, and all the repairs, but in the meantime, let your parents take care of it. Happy birthday!
  67. Now that you're 16, I'm issuing you a license to have the best birthday ever. Enjoy this amazing day!
  68. Turning 16 brings all-new responsibilities, the first being the responsibility to have a sweet time on this sweet birthday. Happy sweet 16!
  69. When you turn 16, you're still young enough to dream but old enough to turn them into reality. Enjoy this amazing year.
  70. Turning 16 is kind of like turning 50. You know that some of your best (teenage) years have already gone by, but you also know that the best is about to happen! So, don't worry about your middle-age crisis and go out there to have fun! Happy 16th birthday!
  71. Starting today, you're more than just a teen. You're almost a grown up! Enjoy your 16th birthday!
  72. For teenagers, 16 is "middle-aged". With three years ahead and three years behind, you're right in the middle of the best years of your life. You probably won't enjoy the next time you're middle-aged, so have fun tonight. Happy birthday!
  73. I have two tips for you on your 16th birthday. One: forget the past because you can't change it. Two: forget the gift because I didn't get you one. Kidding! Happy birthday!
  74. We're so blessed for being able to celebrate this wonderful day together. Today it's all about thanking God for giving us a great angel 16 years ago. You've enriched our lives in ways that we would have never expected. Happy 16th birthday!
  75. So I thought to myself: what I can write in a birthday card for a 16-year-old? Since I wasn't sure, I went with the more obvious thing and not try to come up with cheese stuff. So here it goes: happy birthday!
  76. Turning sixteen truly is a milestone. It's the beginning of the rest of your life with a great deal more independence - Happy birthday.
  77. This is going to be your only 16th birthday party. So make sure to: dance till you drop, scream till you lose your voice, smile till your cheeks hurt and unwrap gifts till your arms give out. Happy 16th birthday from all of us!