What to write in a 21st birthday card

  1. I hope you enjoy this birthday because after 21 there's no other fun birthday numbers to look forward to! Happy Birthday!
  2. Congrats on hitting another milestone! First shot's on me then another 20 to go! Happy Birthday!
  3. I'm not only wishing you a Happy Birthday. I'm wishing you a Happy Hangover. Have a great 21st birthday!
  4. Wishing you all the best on your 21st birthday! Hope you enjoy every second!
  5. Happy Birthday! It's been an amazing 21 years - watching you grow, learn, and laugh as you chase your dreams with the power to achieve anything.
  6. Happy 21st Birthday! May life grant you the best in anything you pursue. Best Wishes on your special day.
  7. Turning 21 takes all the fun out of things you used to enjoy. Everyone knows things are more fun we you aren't allowed to be doing them! Happy Birthday.
  8. Here's to 21 years of precious memories, lessons learned in life, amazing friends, and loved ones who will never leave your side. Happy 21st Birthday!
  9. Happy 21st Birthday! Here's wishing you health, wealth, and happiness as you journey towards the rest of your life.
  10. You can officially throw out that fake ID! Happy 21st birthday!
  11. I don't have to be psychic to know this is the best birthday you'll ever have. Happy 21st.
  12. Happy 21st Birthday! Remember, even though you've grown up - this does not mean that you can't be as sexy and immature as you want. Best Wishes.
  13. What is the first thing that a person does on their 21st birthday? Exactly! Stop reading this card and go get yourself an alcoholic drink! Happy Birthday!
  14. I think 21 is the perfect age. You get to have all the fun and just a taste of responsibility! Wow, I wish I was still 21! Enjoy it while it lasts! Happy Birthday!
  15. I remember my 21st birthday party... wait, no I don't. You'll soon find out why. Cheers to you and Happy Birthday!
  16. Just wanted to wish you a very special Happy 21st Birthday. May you find faithful friends, precious memories, and happiness wherever life may lead you.
  17. Of all the gifts that I could have bought you, I thought the best one was a box of Tylenol... you'll have to face your first hangover tomorrow so I thought you'd appreciate some meds! Happy 21st Birthday!
  18. To the most sexy, funny, and amazing person I know besides myself. Happy 21st Birthday!
  19. Happy 21st Birthday! Wishing you the best on your special day. May happiness and sunshine follow you wherever your path in life may lead.
  20. Remember, just because it's legal now doesn't mean it's a good idea. Happy 21st!
  21. Turning 21 is barrels of fun. Here's to a great night and a fantastic birthday!
  22. I thought all day long what to write in this card. I wanted something meaningful, something that would make you understand how special this birthday truly is. However, I was lost for words and that's when I decided to simply buy you a beer! Cheers to your 21st birthday!
  23. Happy 21st Birthday! Regardless of the years, you'll always be one of the most awesome people I know.
  24. Here's to a night of finally legal fun (if you can remember it)! Happy Birthday!
  25. Do you know what I really wish I could have given you for a birthday present? My big book of cocktail recipes. However that book doesn't exist yet because as soon as I try to write a recipe, I get drunk while I try to perfect it! Happy 21st Birthday!
  26. Can you believe you're already 21?! Time really flies by! Happy Birthday from all of us!
  27. Just wanted to let you know how spectacular you really are and what a treasure you are to those around you. Happy 21st Birthday!
  28. Happy 21st Birthday! Wishing you the best in life as you follow your dreams and go beyond anything we could have imagined for you.
  29. You're halfway to 42. If that's not enough to make you drink, I don't know what is. Have a great birthday!
  30. I have two words for you on your birthday: be careful. Have fun turning 21 :)
  31. On your 21st Birthday we would just like to let you know how proud we are of the amazing person that you've become. May you be fruitful in whatever endeavors you pursue. Happy Birthday!
  32. Turning 21 means you no longer have to sneak your drinks. Which takes all the fun out of drinking. Happy Birthday.
  33. Let's all raise our glasses to this wonderful person who turns 21 today! Cheers to you and Happy Birthday!
  34. When you turn 21, you have it all. All the responsibilities of an adult, I mean! Happy Birthday.
  35. If you thought that the parties you've been to so far were good, wait until you see the parties you are about to attend now that you're finally 21! Welcome to the wild side! Happy Birthday!
  36. Have fun legally losing money to alcohol and gambling. Happy Birthday!
  37. Happy 21st Birthday! May life shower its blessings upon you - no matter where your path may lead.
  38. Remember that since you are old enough to drink, you have to be even more responsible. Happy 21st Birthday!
  39. Live life to the fullest, laugh until it hurts, and love like there is no tomorrow. Happy 21st Birthday!
  40. You're finally 21! Now it's legal for you to order your first drink! However, if you really wanted to, you could have gone to Europe for example where you can start drinking legally at 18! You better start drinking, you've already lost 3 whole years! Happy Birthday!
  41. Happy Birthday! It seems like 21 years have passed in the blink of an eye. Here's wishing you many more wonderful years.
  42. Today's a very special day. Your 21st Birthday! I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed watching you grow into the wonderful person that you are today. Happy Birthday!
  43. Even though tonight may end up being a blur, be responsible with your new privileges! Happy 21st Birthday!
  44. Time to get wild! You're finally 21! Happy Birthday from all of us!!!
  45. This year, you're legally able to do everything you've already been doing since you were 15. Happy Birthday.
  46. Happy 21st Birthday! It's time for you to party like you've never partied before!
  47. Thinking of you on your special day. One of the greatest joys in life has been watching you grow, learn and become the wonderful person that you are today. Happy 21st Birthday!
  48. Happy 21st Birthday! Wishing you the absolute best of joy, laughter, happiness, love, and peace. May you have many more years to come.
  49. May all your dreams and wishes come true. Here's to making your 21st birthday a memorable one!
  50. Happy 21st Birthday! Wishing you loads of love and tons of laugher as you travel towards the rest of your life. Best Wishes.
  51. Wishing you a safe and Happy Birthday! Enjoy being legal!
  52. Starting today, your ID will finally have your own picture! Have a Happy 21st Birthday!
  53. Happy 21st Birthday! May your special day be filled with love, laughter, and great memories. You deserve to have all your dreams and wishes come true.
  54. "Don't Drink and Drive!" Here's a sentence you'll be hearing a lot from us! Happy 21st Birthday!
  55. People do crazy things when they're drunk. Be responsible or you'll end up marrying a stranger in a Las Vegas church with a priest dressed in Elvis clothes! Happy 21st Birthday!
  56. Congratulations on finally becoming an adult. Happy 21st Birthday! There's no going back!
  57. Don't worry about the number of candles on your cake, instead, count the friends and family who wish you the best. Happy 21st Birthday!
  58. Have a great 21st birthday! Wishing you many wonderful years to come on this day of celebration!
  59. Remember, you don't have to grow up - you just need to learn how to behave in public. Happy 21st Birthday!
  60. Here's to hoping that your 21st turns out to be tons of fun! Happy Birthday!
  61. Tonight, alcohol will taste a lot better than responsibility. Be careful and have fun.
  62. There is no more special birthday than this one. Happy 21st Birthday!
  63. Happy 21st Birthday! You're officially old enough to be asked to buy young people their drinks.
  64. Here's celebrating 21 years of good times, great friends, wonderful family, and lessons learned. May you be blessed with the best things in life. Happy 21st Birthday!
  65. Now that you're 21 you can pretty much do anything you want! Happy Birthday!
  66. Happy 21st Birthday! Here's to knowing better, being immature enough to do it anyway, and being good enough not to get caught. May we have many more years of having fun and getting into trouble together.
  67. To someone who brings joy and laugher into the lives of those around you every day of the year, may your special day be filled with the utmost of joy and cheer. Happy 21st Birthday!
  68. Happy 21st Birthday! May you never find a day when you're lonely or sad and may all of your years be filled with great friends, happy memories, and happiness.
  69. Good things about turning 21: You can drink and you can finally tell stories that begin with "I was so wasted..." - Bad things about turning 21: You are now officially responsible for your own actions! Cheers and happy Birthday!
  70. Happy 21st Birthday! Just wanted to let you know what a joy it's been to be by your side living, laughing, and learning. May we have many more years of great memories.
  71. Some friends are like a fine wine, they get better with every passing year. Here's to 21 years of becoming more amazing. Happy 21st Birthday!
  72. Even if there are more candles on your cake, it doesn't mean you can't still be a kid at heart! Happy 21st Birthday!
  73. Happy 21st Birthday! Remember to always reach for the stars and that you can achieve anything you dream. May all of your dreams and wishes come true.
  74. To a very special person who has always taken the time to share your love and show that you care. You mean more to me than words can express. Happy 21st Birthday!
  75. Whether the future holds good times or bad, you should never feel alone or sad. You're an amazing person who deserves the best of everything. Happy 21st Birthday.
  76. Best wishes on your 21st birthday! May this day be everything you hope it'll be!
  77. Just wanted to let you know how much joy and happiness you bring to those around you. Never change the amazing person that you are. Happy 21st Birthday!
  78. We all hope that you have the most memorable and fun birthday of your life! Happy 21st Birthday!
  79. Lots of congratulations on turning 21! Now hurry up, and let's get drinking!
  80. Happy 21st Birthday! No matter what trials that life may throw at you - always stay strong, have faith, and keep being the amazing person that you are.
  81. Happy 21st birthday! Enjoy your youth and make the most of it!
  82. Wishing you the absolute best as you celebrate your 21st Birthday. May all your birthday wishes and dreams become tomorrow's reality. Happy Birthday!
  83. Happy Birthday! To an amazing 21 year old who has the power to achieve their dreams and go further than anyone imagined possible.
  84. OK so now it's legal for you to drink. However, that doesn't mean that it's a good idea! Be responsible! Happy 21st Birthday!
  85. 40 might be considered over the hill, but 21 is where it all starts! Have fun tonight! Happy Birthday!
  86. Happy 21st Birthday! May all of your dreams come true and may life bless you with the best it has to offer.
  87. 21st birthday's aren't that great because it's when the best guilty pleasures becomes legal. You end up enjoying them more when they're forbidden! Happy 21st Birthday!
  88. Happy Birthday! Here's to an awesome 21 years of good times, memories, and new dreams. Wishing you the best.
  89. Happy 21st Birthday! To a wonderful person who brightens everyone's day and makes the world a better place to be.
  90. Someday, getting carded for drinks is going to seem like a compliment! Happy Birthday!
  91. I hope you enjoy this special day because soon you'll start getting closer and closer to the big 3-0 and that's when the real responsibilities start! Cheers to your youth! Happy 21st Birthday!
  92. Oh, how I wish you were old enough to drink with me... Wait! You are! Happy 21st Birthday!