What to write in a kid's Easter card

  1. Hope that you have an egg-cellent Easter this year. May you have a great time and find lots of yummy Easter eggs.
  2. Happy Easter to my favourite little bunny. Here's hoping you have a fun holiday crammed full of chocolatey goodness and maybe a special surprise or two if you're eggstra good.
  3. I have a message for you from the Easter Bunny. He said to tell you that he will be bringing you so very yummy chocolates because you are egg-stra special! Happy Easter!
  4. Here's wishing you an eggstra special Easter. I hope you have a lovely holiday filled with family fun, chomping on chocolate and hoeing into hot cross buns.
  5. Hope the Easter bunny brings you the very best treats this year. May your basket be filled to bursting with the best sweets and treats, and your holiday be filled with love and laughter.
  6. Hop! Hop! Hop! The Easter Bunny is on his way to make sure you have an egg-stra special Easter day today!
  7. Only deserving children get to receive special gifts and sweets. Don't worry, I know you are one of them! Happy Easter!
  8. The Easter Bunny's favourite music is hip hop, so pump up the volume and dance up a storm this Easter. It's the perfect way to burn the energy from all that chocolate!
  9. You know it's Easter when there's fluffy little bunnies and sweet little treats. Wishing you a very Happy Easter as you celebrate the holiday surrounded by friends and family.
  10. Happy Easter little bunny. I am so blessed to have you in my life, and I hope you have a beautiful Easter filled with goodness.
  11. I hope that the Easter Bunny brings you all the sweets and surprises you deserve. Wishing you a happy Easter!
  12. Wishing you a hippity, hoppy and happy Easter. Hope the Easter bunny brings you the very best treats and presents this year. Happy Easter!
  13. I hope you have a happy Easter with lots of time to make the biggest and brightest Easter bonnet on the block. You'll need the perfect hat to wear while you hunt for eggs and celebrate with your family and friends.
  14. Here's hoping you have a very hoppy Easter packed full of hot cross buns, chocolate eggs, bunnies and other delicious goodies.
  15. Just wanted to wish a very special little someone the best Easter possible. May your holiday be filled with fun and joy as you eat chocolate bunnies and hunt for colored eggs.
  16. The Easter Bunny told me that you are an egg-stra special! That is why he's is going to bring lots of jelly beans and chocolates!
  17. Hope you have a fantastic Easter with plenty of chirpy chickens, fluffy bunnies, chocolatey eggs and most importantly - no school!
  18. I heard that you love playing egg games. Which one would you like to start with? :) The one who wins gets all the candies! Happy Easter!
  19. What is your favorite Easter game? I love the chocolate easter hunt game. Would you like to play it with me? Happy Easter!
  20. Hop to it this Easter and do plenty of eggsercise after eating all that chocolate! I hope your Easter is filled with bouncing bunnies and happiness.
  21. Wishing you a happy and fun Easter. Here's hoping the toughest thing you have to do is deciding whether to eat your chocolate bunny feet-first or ears-first!
  22. There is no other child in the world who deserves more chocolate and sweets than you do! Happy Easter from all of us!
  23. Wishing you the best this Easter holiday with little fluffy bunnies and cute baby chicks, and of course lots of chocolate. Happy Easter!
  24. Fluffy bunnies bounce about celebrating the Easter holiday. Wishing you a wonderful time as you also celebrate this Easter with your family and friends. Happy Easter!
  25. Sending you all of my love and best wishes this Easter. Hope you have a great time, lots of chocolate and many surprises. Happy Easter!
  26. Have a bright and colorful Easter with lots of goodies and games. I hope you have a super fun holiday and the Easter Bunny brings you lots of chocolate.
  27. Spring is here and it's that special time of year when the Easter bunny brings baskets of treats and presents to all of the little boys and girls. Hope your basket is filled to bursting and that you have an amazing time. Happy Easter!
  28. May the Easter bunny bring you the best and most colorful eggs and lots of chocolate. Hoping you and your family have a happy and joyous Easter.
  29. Sending you lots of love this Easter. I hope your heart is full of happiness and your basket is full of eggs - good luck in the Easter egg hunt!
  30. Easter baskets filled with wonderful treats, yummy colored eggs and chocolates to eat. Have a happy and fun Easter!
  31. You're sweeter than chocolate and cuter than a bunny. Here's wishing you a happy holiday, with loads of love from me to you at Easter time.
  32. The Easter Bunny told me you are the best at playing the egg hunting game. Let's see if that's true! Are you ready? Three, Two, One... HAPPY EASTER!
  33. Wishing you the best of luck on the Easter eggs hunts this year. Here's hoping that you find the Easter bunny's secret stash. Happy Easter!
  34. Just hopping in to wish you a happy Easter. I hope you have a lovely long weekend filled with fun, love and chocolate. Remember, don't eat all your eggs at once!
  35. Wishing you the best this Easter as you enjoy an amazing celebration with your family and friends. May your heart be filled with happiness as you have fun and enjoy colorful eggs and yummy chocolate.
  36. Someone as special as you deserves to receive the very best treats from the Easter bunny this year. May your holiday be filled with love, laughter and happiness. Happy Easter!
  37. May your heart be full of joy and wonder as you celebrate this Easter holiday. Here's wishing you the best treats, great fun and of course lots of chocolate. Happy Easter!
  38. Be good this Easter and make sure you don't make your parents hopping mad, or the Easter Bunny might not hop past your house. Have a happy Easter!
  39. Good luck in the Easter egg hunt at your house this year. Luckily chocolate bunnies can't hop away from you so I hope you catch lots of them as well as finding plenty of eggs to put in your basket.
  40. I know that as a child you are very excited about the chocolate, the games, and Easter eggs. Let's not forget to celebrate the main reason behind Easter: Jesus Christ was resurrected today. Happy Easter!
  41. If you don't take some time out this Easter you might crack up or turn into a basket case. Wishing you all the joy and goodness that Easter brings, along with plenty of fun relaxing with family and friends.
  42. Hope you and your family have a great and happy Easter. Be safe and have fun as you enjoy the great treats that the Easter bunny brings.
  43. I hope the Easter Bunny visits with lots of chocolate but make sure you brush your teeth... otherwise you might get a visit from the Tooth Fairy and that's not so much fun!
  44. May this Easter bring you joy and happiness as you celebrate the holiday surrounded by friends, family and fun.
  45. I heard that the Easter Bunny has a special Easter surprise for the child who finds the most eggs in the egg hunting game! Are you up for a challenge? Happy Easter!
  46. Do you remember how many gifts you received at Christmas from Santa Clause? Well, it's nothing compared to what you will be receiving today from the Easter Bunny! Happy Easter!
  47. Happy Easter! Enjoy this wonderful day filled with jelly beans, sweets, chocolates and surprises from the Easter Bunny!
  48. I wish you a happy Easter and lots of egg-stra chocolate treats for you to enjoy with your friends!
  49. Easter Bunnies, chocolate, egg games, and baskets full of presents. That's why I love Easter so much, and I'm sure that you will agree with me! Happy Easter!
  50. The Easter Bunny told me to ask you how many Easter eggs you can eat in one day. He just wants to make sure he'll bring you enough! Happy Easter!
  51. Happy Easter to the cutest little [ chick / bunny ] I know. I hope you have a beautiful Easter and lots of fun with family and friends as you celebrate the miracle of Easter.
  52. I hope your Easter is eggciting, packed with adventure and most importantly that it has a hoppy ending.
  53. Wishing you the very best Easter this year. May your holiday be filled with love, joy and happiness as you hunt for colorful Easter eggs and enjoy the sweetest treats.
  54. Wishing you a very hippity-hoppity Easter! I am sure you will receive lots of treats and chocolate from the Easter Bunny!
  55. You're a good egg, so be a bright little bunny this Easter! I love you so much and hope you have a happy holiday with tons of tasty treats.
  56. Wishing you a wonderful Easter full of laughter, fun and joy. Hope you have the best of luck on your Easter egg hunt and that the Easter bunny brings you the very best sweets. Happy Easter!
  57. Is it just me or the most fantastic thing about Easter is the giant chocolate egg we are allowed to eat? Happy Easter!