What to write in a New Year card

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  1. Wishing you a super-duper extra luck Happy New Years! Here's hoping that all your dreams come true.
  2. Sometimes people forget how much 365 days actually brings to their lives. However, this is the right moment to reflect and to hope for 365 more wonderful days! Happy New Years!
  3. New Years marks a new beginning. New people to meet, new adventures to enjoy and new memories to create. Here's wishing you the happiest New Year ever!
  4. I thought hard about what to write in this card. After many hours of thinking, I went on the internet for inspiration and found what I was looking for: Happy New Years!
  5. The fireworks and the famous countdown to midnight. The things that make every New Years eve all that special. Happy New Years!
  6. Wishing you a happy and magical New Year. We hope it brings you lots of joy and happiness. All the best.
  7. And finally here we go: 10... 9... 8... 3... 2... 1...!!! Happy New Years! Wishing you 365 days of good luck!
  8. Wishing you a happy New Years. May it be all that you hope it will be! All the best
  9. You know it's New Years when you hear the fireworks and the really big count down! Happy New Years! Wishing you all the best!
  10. You know what I love the most about celebrating New Years? That I get to use the expression "See you next year!" Happy New Years!
  11. Ahh, I do this every year. I promise myself I wouldn't repeat the same things I write all the time in a greeting card, but how can you avoid that?! Anyway, Happy New Years!
  12. 3... 2.... 1.... Wait, what was I supposed to write afterwards? Oh yes, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!
  13. Happy New Years! Wait, am I supposed to be writing more?! Sorry, I'm at a loss for words!
  14. Are you ready for the most famous countdown of the whole world? New Years is coming! And 10, 9, 8, .... 3, 2, 1.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  15. A brand New Year is about to begin. Hope you are ready for more great experiences and adventures! Happy New years!
  16. Blow up the balloons, get the drinks ready and let's start the countdown! Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!
  17. The sun has set on a whole year but it is about to rise on a brand new one. Happy New Years!
  18. This year has come to an end and it will take away all the pain and mistakes. Now you have a brand new beginning to look forward to. Happy New Years, with love from all of us!
  19. So I spent hours trying to come up with the perfect message for this card. And do you want to know what I came up with, finally?! Here it goes: Happy New Years!
  20. Sipping cold fruity drinks while waiting for the countdown to being. Having a good time while having lovely conversations with old friends. Does it get any better than this? Happy new Years!
  21. You know it's New Years when on TV all you can see is people in the streets waiting for midnight. Shall we go out there as well?! Happy New Years!
  22. I am always excited about this day because I can't wait to find out what this New Year is going to bring me. But for now, let's celebrate! Happy New Years!
  23. New Years is the perfect occasion to celebrate love, friendships and all the good things in life. Let's take the time to appreciate what this year has given us and what the new one is about to bring! Happy New Years!
  24. May God bless you and your family on this special day. Happy New Years!
  25. To quote John Lennon, "Happy New Year, let's hope it's a good one, without any fear!" Wishing you a magical New Years, with love from all of us!
  26. May all your dreams come true. Wishing you a Happy New Years filled with tons of good luck!
  27. New Years is a chance for all of us to leave our mistakes behind and and start fresh. Let's freshen up! Happy New Years!
  28. If there's one thing I hate is having to watch all these New Years specials on TV. I would much rather be getting drunk on left-over eggnog! Happy New Years!
  29. We hope you're ready for another big year. Wishing you great success and happiness in 2025!!
  30. Wishing you a safe and happy New Year!! We hope it turns out to be your best year ever!!
  31. Wishing you all the best this New Year with all that you set out to achieve!!
  32. Wishing you a great New Year filled with happiness and success. All the very best
  33. Happy New Year!! It's your year so make it a good one!!
  34. Last year was crap, this year will be better! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  35. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We hope the New Year will be all that you wish for.
  36. Wishing you the best New Year ever!! We hope it's filled with lots of good fortune and lots progress.
  37. Wishing you and your family a safe and prosperous New Year!!
  38. Here's to hoping that the New Year is gonna be a big one. All the best
  39. All the best this upcoming year!! We hope that all your goals for 2025 are reached and that it all works out great.
  40. Wishing you lots of happiness and success this upcoming year. I have a feeling it's going to be great!! All the best
  41. We hope 2025 brings great happiness and great success to you and the ones that matter most. All the best
  42. I hope this New Year is all that you wish for. Wishing you all the very best.
  43. Happy New Year to you and the ones you love!! We hope it brings you great fortune and great success!!
  44. Wishing you an absolute cracker of a New Year. We hope it's all that you wish for :)
  45. Wishing you all that's great in the New Year. We hope it turns out to be a big one!!
  46. We hope the New Year is going to be really great for you and your family. Wishing you all the very best.
  47. We hope the New Year is going to be filled with lots of fun and excitement!! Wishing you a big one :)
  48. Happy New Year!! Let's do it all again :)