What to write in a Mother's Day card

  1. To the best mother in the universe: Happy Mother's Day! You deserve all the love, care and support that you've lovingly given every day of my life. I love you!
  2. Happy Mother's Day! You're the most special woman in my heart now and forever. Love always [ your name ].
  3. Throughout the years, you've always been by my side. I couldn't have had a better mother to look up to. Happy Mother's Day!
  4. Happy Mother's Day! I don't say it nearly enough but thank you for all you've done for me in my life and everything you still do.
  5. Where would I be without you? You taught me to walk and read and write and sing and skip and ride a bike and a million other things besides. Thank you for everything, I love you and I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day.
  6. You taught me everything and for this, I will always be grateful. Now it's time for me to tell you how much I love you! Happy Mother's Day!
  7. Another beautiful woman once said "When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child" - Sophia Loren. Thank you for thinking twice a million times for me.
  8. Mentor, Organizer, Taxi driver, Handyman, Educator, Referee... these don't even begin to describe all the things a mother has to be. To me, you're just the best mom ever. Happy Mother's Day.
  9. I could bring you flowers, I could give you gifts, but nothing in this world can truly show you the love I care for you. Happy Mother's Day!
  10. You're by far the greatest mom in the whole world. I'll make sure that today you feel loved, cared for, and pampered just to begin to return the favor :) Happy Mother's Day!
  11. When I cried, you always knew how to bring a smile on my face and when I was happy, you were always happy with me. For this and many more reasons, I love you! Happy Mother's Day!
  12. When I was young you hugged me when I cried and put endless [ band aids / plasters ] on my knees. I don't fall over so much any more but I'll always need my mum. I love you. Happy Mother's Day.
  13. Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful, loving, and happy mommy. You make the best cookies and today I want to bake cookies for you.
  14. There are not enough hugs in this world and not enough kisses to allow me to show you how much I love you - Happy Mother's Day!
  15. Being a woman is not an easy thing, but being a Mother is even more difficult. Still, you're a wonderful woman and an even more wonderful Mother! Happy Mother's Day!
  16. I love you Mom and I always will, no matter age or distance. Happy Mother's Day.
  17. You were always there for me if I was sick or had a bad dream, or needed help with my homework. Even now, you always make me feel loved and important even when you have a million other things on your plate. Happy Mother's Day, and thank you.
  18. Mother stands for: Magnificent, Optimistic, Trust-worthy, Heroine, Entertaining, Romantic. To me, you mean all of this and much more. I love you mom. Happy Mother's Day!
  19. It's truly amazing to me how, after a long and hard day, you come home and always smile. Thank you for being the sweetest mom ever! Happy Mother's Day!
  20. I'm not sure where you find all the patience you have in dealing with me, but for that and for many other reasons I want to say thank you! Happy Mother's Day!
  21. I'm sorry for every trouble that I might have caused you, Mom. For this, I'm thankful that you always forgave me, regardless of how much I hurt you. Happy Mother's Day!
  22. Mom, you truly give the best hugs in the whole world. Actually, can I have one now? I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!
  23. You're the queen of the house, and for that you deserve the royalty treatment today. Thank you for everything you have done for me since I was born. Happy Mother's Day!
  24. In my early years you were my whole world, in my teens you were the most embarrassing person in the world and in my 20s I just wanted to make my own way in the world. Now I realize that without you I wouldn't even be in this world, so I thank you.
  25. Mark Twain was once heard to say, "My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it." I know I can be trouble sometimes, but thank you for loving me anyway.
  26. When I was young, you taught me the importance of those magic words 'please' and 'thank you'. This Mother's Day, please accept a huge thank you from me to you for always being there.
  27. The love you always had for me knows no boundaries. I wish to let you know that it is the same from me: I love you without limits - Happy Mother's Day!
  28. There is no one more caring, kind and loving in this world than you! Thank you for always being there for me and especially for being my Mother. Happy Mother's Day!
  29. Thanks you for always taking such great care of me. Today, however, it's your day and we'll take care of you. Happy Mother's Day!
  30. You've always been there for me, and that is why I love you so much. Happy Mother's Day!
  31. No matter if I'm young or old, good or bad, I know you're always there for me. This Mother's Day I'll be there for you (and I'll even try to be good).
  32. There is nothing in this world to compare to the love I care for you - I'll always be grateful for what you did for me! Happy Mother's Day!
  33. To an amazing woman who has inspired me to always follow my dreams and stay the course. Happy Mother's Day!
  34. You supported me in everything, even when I was wrong, you were there for me. I suppose that's what Mothers do for their children. And that's why I love you! Happy Mother's Day!
  35. Happy Mother's Day to the most amazing mother anyone could ask for. Thank you for being patient and loving, never being too busy or too tired and always being interested in what I have to say.
  36. Mother's are the most special pf all. You surely are to me, mom. Wishing you the best and happiest Mother's Day!
  37. Mamma, you must really have the toughest job in the world. You cook, clean, tidy up, work, and most of all, you take care of me. Thank you for everything! Happy Mother's Day!
  38. I'm so proud to call you my mother. You have set the best example for me to follow and look up to. I hope one day to become just like you. Happy Mother's Day!
  39. I love you and I think every day should be Mother's Day but for some reason it only comes around once a year, so let's make the most of it.
  40. Even if I lived another life, I would still not have enough time to reward you for everything you did for me. Happy Mother's Day!
  41. I truly think that mothers are angels on Earth. The way you take care of me must be Heaven-sent! Happy Mother's Day!
  42. You're more than my mother - you're also my counsellor, mentor and friend. I love and respect you and couldn't live without you. Happy Mother's Day.
  43. I know words are simply not enough to show you all the love and gratitude that I feel for you. That's why I'll simply say it like this: "I love you Mom!". Happy Mother's Day!
  44. Mom, I think you're an angel. You're always there for us and I want you to know that we think you're the best mom in the whole world. Happy Mother's Day!
  45. There is a saying that Mother can replace anyone, but no one can replace Mother. This is not only a saying, this is the absolute truth! Happy Mother's Day!
  46. You've always been proud of me even when I made mistakes or didn't get straight A's in school, because you knew I'd tried my best. Now I try my best to be the person you raised me to be, and I raise a glass to you on Mother's Day.
  47. Happy Mother's Day. I have so many memories of you it would be impossible to name them all or choose my favorite. Thank you for being a beautiful constant in my life.
  48. Above all the gifts that I've received in this world, one is the greatest and most beautiful of all: my mother! I love you and I always will! Happy Mother's Day!
  49. Mother dear, it's plain to see, ever since you gave birth to me, you've loved and nurtured me every day, so here's to a happy Mother's Day.
  50. You only get one mother in life and I'm so glad you're mine. Happy Mother's Day.
  51. Mom, you're the most beautiful, caring, sweetest, and funniest person I know. And as far as me, well, let's just say that the apple does never fall too far from the tree! Happy Mother's Day!
  52. I'll meet many women in my life, yet no one will ever be like you. You are a unique woman for me, as you gave me life! Happy Mother's Day!
  53. This Mother's Day my wish for you is to sleep in, be waited on hand and foot all day and spoilt rotten with all the loveliness you deserve. I love you mom.
  54. Without you, I would not be in this world. I will always appreciate the fact that you gave me life above all! I love you and I always will, Happy Mother's Day!
  55. I know that everybody says they have the best mom. But I'm sure they talk that way simply because they have not met you yet. Happy Mother's Day!
  56. There is nothing in this world to be able to stop a Mother from loving her children and the children loving their Mother. Happy Mother's Day!
  57. I will always be grateful for the gift you gave me. The gift of life! There are no words to describe what I feel for you! Happy Mother's Day!
  58. We have so many memories together and they are all very dear to my heart. Choosing one would be impossible. Thank you for making my life so full of joy and happiness. Happy Mother's Day!
  59. You're simply amazing! Starting from the fact that you gave life to another human being, and then the fact that you raised me as you did. Thank you for everything! Happy Mother's Day!
  60. Over the years you've helped me learn right from wrong and even when I got the two confused, you loved me unconditionally. You're an amazing mother and I can only hope to follow your example with my own children. Happy Mother's Day.
  61. Mother, I want to thank you not only for giving me life, but also for making my life so perfect. Your love and kindness have truly made each day very special to me. Happy Mother's Day!
  62. I feel so lucky and proud to have you as my mother. I love you and I wish you the very happiest of Mother's Days.
  63. You're fearless and fantastic at finding lost things, fixing broken things and feeding hungry people. But today is for you so forget about fussing and put your feet up.
  64. The love of a mother is unconditional, unbreakable, and unforgettable. Even if today is a day dedicated to you, we should be celebrating you every other day :) Happy Mother's Day!
  65. A lot of the time I think you're crazy but you're my kind of crazy (or maybe I'm your kind of crazy?), so I love you anyway. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.
  66. Mom, you make me happy! When you smile, I feel warmth in my heart that never leaves me. Happy Mother's Day!
  67. Mom, mummy, mama, mum, mommy, ma... so many words but they all have the same special meaning. You are my one and only mother, so I'll make sure I look after you! Happy Mother's Day.
  68. I'm so glad that there is a special day on the calendar where we all stop to celebrate the most beloved, the most trusted, and the most sought after women in the whole world: mother's! Happy Mother's Day!
  69. You are the only person in this world who never judged me, but was always was there for me, no matter what I did. In good and bad alike, you supported me and showed me what love is. I love you! Happy Mother's Day!
  70. You always sacrifice a lot for me and you always put my happiness ahead of your own. Today, however, it is all about you. Happy Mother's Day!
  71. There is only one person on this Earth who always loved me unconditioned. That is you Mom! I love you and I wish this day is as special for you as you are for me!
  72. Dear Mom, You're the best. You deserve a day of rest. Happy Mother's Day.
  73. Mom, you are the most wonderful person in the whole world to me. You're in my heart and I know I'm in yours. For this reason, we'll always be together, no matter what. Happy Mother's Day!
  74. I know mothers aren't supposed to have a favorite child, but you're definitely my favorite mother.
  75. I'm proud that you are my Mother. I could not be gifted with a better one, as you're the best Mother in the whole Universe! Happy Mother's Day!
  76. Mom, I want to make your Mother's Day a very special day that you'll never forget. And I'm now starting with this card and telling you that I love you more than anything in this world! I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!
  77. No words or gifts can ever show you how much I love you and how grateful I am for everything you've done for me. Happy Mother's Day!
  78. As life goes on I've come to realize that there is no love like a mother's love, and no hug like a mother's hug. I love you, I love your hugs and I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day.
  79. You have always been on my side, no matter what I did or what decisions I've made regarding my life. For this, I wish to thank you. Happy Mother's Day!
  80. Over the years I've made you frustrated and sad, happy and glad. This Mother's Day I want to thank you for all the good times and say sorry for the bad. Here's to many more good times to come!
  81. Mom, I want to hold your hand forever, and I want to always be comforted by your hugs. You're the most amazing mommy ever. Happy Mother's Day!
  82. A mother is that human being who loves her children even before they are born. A mother is that human being who has many angelic qualities. You mom are the most special person to me. Happy Mother's Day!
  83. Mom, today is a special day. However, for such a special mother like you, it should be Mother's Day every single day! Happy Mother's Day!
  84. Mother's Day is the perfect time to say I love you. Thank you for letting me make my own mistakes but always being there to catch me if I fall.
  85. The special person in my life, there really is no other. Sending you all my love, my one and only mother.
  86. No matter how old I am, I still wish for you to be here with me all the time. I need you and will always need you, as you are the most special woman in my life. Happy Mother's Day!
  87. Happy Mother's Day. We may not always see eye to eye but as the years go by I listen to you more and more, as I reluctantly admit that they might be right when they say that mother knows best.
  88. There is only one person in this world who I know I can always count on, with good and bad things alike. That's you! Happy Mother's Day!
  89. You've been putting our needs first for so many years; today let's make it all about you for a change. Happy Mother's Day.
  90. I want you to know that even when I'm not there beside you, my heart is still next to yours and will always be. Happy Mother's Day!
  91. You've been with me through everything, You knew all about my smiles and all my tears and you always did everything for me to make me feel good. This is why I want you to know how much I love you. Happy Mother's Day!
  92. You cheer me up when I'm sad, you make me happier than I ever could be, you take care of me when I'm sick, and you always support me. Thanks mom! Happy Mother's Day!
  93. Mom, if I had to choose only one word to describe what you mean to me, I would surely choose "Angel", because that is what you represent in my heart. Happy Mother's Day!
  94. I know I sometimes hurt you, I know I make mistakes, but you always forgive me for anything I do. I guess that is what Mothers do. Happy Mother's Day!
  95. Happy Mother's Day. In the years to come I hope I can care for you half as well as you've cared for me in years gone by.
  96. Even if I told you every day how much I love you and how grateful I am for everything you've done for me, it would never be enough. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.
  97. To the woman who brought me into this world and helped me become the person I am today. I love you, Mom! Happy Mother's Day!
  98. From the time that I was born until this special day, You've loved and nurtured me in every single way. I may not always say it but I love you, there's no doubt. My wish for you this Mother's Day is happiness throughout.
  99. Mommy, do you like this card I chose? I do, but it is not long enough to hold all the reasons why I love you so much. Happy Mother's Day!
  100. Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today. This Mother's Day I hope you take some time out for you, and know that I love you more than words can say.
  101. Mom, thank you for always being my loving and caring angel. I hope you have a wonderful day today, because nobody more than you deserves to be pampered and taken care of. Happy Mother's Day!
  102. I'll never find anywhere else that warmth and kindness that I found in you! I have no words to describe how grateful I am that you are my Mother. Happy Mother's Day!
  103. I wish that this day is wonderful for you, as it is the day that allows me to show you all the appreciation and love I have for you. Happy Mother's Day!
  104. Mom, you mean the world to me. I always find comfort in your words and in your arms. There's nobody like you. Happy Mother's Day!
  105. This Mother's Day I don't have words to say how much I love you, so I'll borrow from Abraham Lincoln who once wisely said "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."
  106. No gift could ever measure up to the gift of life that you gave me. But I got you something anyway, and I really hope you like it. Happy Mother's Day to the best mom ever.
  107. Today I will force you to let all of us take care of you, because every other day of the year, you always make sure to take care of us all. Happy Mother's Day!
  108. Wishing you the best Mother's Day ever!! You're the best mother a [ son / daughter ] could have ever asked for. Love [ your name ]
  109. To the world's greatest mum!! Love [ your name ]
  110. With a mum so generous and loving as you how could we ask for more!! Thanks for always giving us the best. Love [ your names ]
  111. Wishing you a happy Mother's Day!! Thanks for all the love and generosity you've given us. We love you a great deal [ your names ]
  112. Nobody beats your cooking! Nobody!! Have a great Mother's Day. Love [ your name ]
  113. Wishing you the best Mother's Day ever!! You're the best mother a [ son / daughter ] could have ever asked for. Love [ your name ]
  114. Mum, you're the greatest!! Thanks for all the love, encouragement and great cooking. You've done a great job bringing us up. We love you lots [ your names ]
  115. Wishing you a special Mother's Day. Thanks for being there for us always. Love [ your names ]
  116. To the world's greatest mum from the world's greatest kids. Thanks for everything that you've done for us. Lots of love from [ your names ]
  117. Thanks for everything mum!! We'll never forget how much you've done for us. Wishing you a very special Mother's Day. Love [ your name ]
  118. To the world's No.1 mum. Love from [ your names ]
  119. Thanks for everything mum! You've always been there for us and we love you a lot. Happy Mother's Day! Love [ your names ]
  120. Thanks for being a great mum! We will always be thankful for all the love and support you've given us growing up. We love you mum!! [ your name ]
  121. To the most caring, loving and generous mum in the whole world! Happy Mother's Day!! Love [ your name ]
  122. Thanks for being the most caring and loving mum around!! Wishing you a great Mothers Day. Lots of love [ your name ]
  123. We love you mum!! We can never thank you enough for all the love and encouragement you've given us. Wishing you a very special Mother's Day. Love [ your name ]
  124. I'm so glad that you're my mum!! Thanks for giving me the best chance in life I love you a great deal. [ your name ]
  125. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Thanks for being the greatest. We love you heaps mum!! [ your name ]
  126. Thanks for bringing me into this world and always loving me for me. You're the greatest! Love [ your name ]
  127. Thanks mum for giving us the best chance in life. Wishing you a special Mothers Day. Love [ your name ]
  128. I couldn't have asked for a better mum!! Thanks for bringing me into this world and always giving me the best. Love [ your name ]