What to write in a New Year to partner card

  1. There's nothing better than knowing I spent this whole year with you and that there is a whole other one coming our way! Happy New Years!
  2. What I love about New Years is watching the fireworks with you by my side. By that, I mean I love how we sit down on the couch, turn the TV on and watch all the firework shows from all over the world! Happy New Years!
  3. New Years would not be as magical if I didn't have you here with me! Happy New Years!
  4. Although the New Year usually brings change, I am glad that you are the one unchanged thing in my life. Happy New Years!
  5. How lucky am I? I just spent 365 days with you by my side and now I get to spend just as many with you, once again. Happy New Years!
  6. With you by my side I know it'll be a great new year. Love [ your name ]
  7. Everybody looks forward to the countdown to New Years so they can cheers to other 365 days to come. I look forward to the countdown because at the end of it I get to kiss you! Happy new Years!
  8. Is that mistletoe? Well, you know the rule! Now I get to kiss ya! Happy New Years!
  9. What more could I ask than spending New years with you? Happy New Years!